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From Our Family

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Nicholas Strickland
Owner & Insurance Adviser

Canon Insurance Advisers North Georgia, LLC

Hi I’m Nicholas Strickland, Owner, Operator, and Licensed Broker at Canon Insurance Advisers North Georgia, LLC. Veteran of the US Military, Former College Athlete, and now family man; I am licensed in Property and Casualty in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

I specialize in working with Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents to provide fast quotes from one of our many providers to find the best rate in home insurance for home buyers to get you to closing on time. I also work closely with my clients personally to ensure they have the best, most cost effective coverage, for home, auto, renters, and all other property.

My wife and I moved from Flowery Branch, GA in 2019 and made our forever home in Lavonia. We have a five year old son and two dogs who keep us on our toes. In our free time, we love competing with each other on Mario Party or taking fun day trips!

I also pride myself on my relationships with my clients. My direct number is the one my wife calls me on so, you won't get an automated voice when you contact me. I make myself available and deliver the type of service that most lack these days. Just check my reviews!

I look forward to hearing from and working with you!



Steven Williams
Founding Member and Principal Adviser

Canon Insurance Advisers, LLC

​As the Founding Member of Canon Insurance Advisers, I have assisted loan officers in providing their clients with homeowner insurance as well as auto, commercial, mortgage protection and life insurance policies. My goal is to provide clients with a one-stop shop for their insurance needs. You can find me at our office in Atlanta, GA.

After working with me for a few years, Nick officially joined the Canon Family in 2020 by expanding Canon into a North Georgia office. We look forward to assisting you in all of your insurance needs.

What is Canon's Story?


At age of eighteen our owner, Steven Williams, became a member of the Church of Christ in Duluth, Georgia. Not soon after, he met a member of the church named Canon Callender. Most, if not all, would describe Canon as a very giving, dependable, friendly, and outgoing soul. This was not just the case in his personal life, but on the line of duty as a police officer for Lawrenceville, Ga. While almost everyone would claim to be Canon's best friend, only one person, or non-human, held that title. Meet Ike, a 120lb German Shepard with 100% bark and no bite (above). 

One day, while Canon was swimming at Lake Lanier, and upon waiting for friends, a cold undercurrent passed through the waters turning the water from hot to cold in an instant causing Canon to suddenly lock up and unable to swim. Unfortunately, this tragic event resulted in his drowning. The news of his drowning brought friends from far and wide and even attracted several local news stations. The funeral itself lasted hours past when the funeral home doors were scheduled to close. Lines to pay respects to Canon's unwavering friendship were long. So long that if you were at the beginning of the line and looked backwards, you felt as if there was no end in sight. Changing of the guards and twenty-one gun salutes brought somber to that tragic day.

As sad as this event was, the bright side is that his memory lives on! The agency has been dedicated in his honor. Like Canon, it will serve as a place where a warm-friendly-attitude, Christian values, and willingness to look out for one's fellow man will be front-and-center of the agency's guiding principles. In the same light, the company logo has a multifaceted meaning. While it symbolizes Ike, it also encompasses the owner and his companion Riley.

"A dog is a perfect symbol as it embodies both loyalty, protection, and partnership."


At Canon Insurance Advisers, we do not just want to sell you some insurance, we want provide you with the best product with accurate advise and a lifetime of professional service.

So cheers to Canon! A good friend, brother, son, best friend (Ike), relative, and most importantly, fellow Christian!  

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